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Battery Monitoring

Batscan is an advanced monitoring system for back-up power batteries.

Batteries are being used in many different areas as an alternate power source in the event of an power outage in the public power grid. In air traffic support systems a power failure could be fatal and many companies and organizations are depending on reliable power supply where a sudden loss of power can cause large problems and high costs.

All batteries are aging and needs to be replaced after some time, but they can also fail from a variety of reasons during their normal life span. It is therefore necessary to monitor the batteries so that a faulty cell can be detected and repaired before it jeopardizes the reliability of the whole battery.

Batscan continuously monitors each individual cell in the batteries. If a measured value differs from normal an alarm will be triggered and actions to correct the problem can be taken immediately. This way the battery can always be kept good condition, ready to supply power to the load – when really needed.

airfield landing lights
exploded battery
Batscan – When power fail
is not an option.
This battery did not have
Batscan installed.